Sia sings 'Chandelier' and 'Elastic Heart' in a mime performance with Maddie Ziegler

Sia sings 'Chandelier' and 'Elastic Heart' in a mime performance with Maddie Ziegler

For Saturday Night Live

Take a look at the mime accompanied performance of 'Chandelier', and the newly staged choreography featuring Maddie Ziegler for 'Elastic Heart' from Sia's Saturday Night Live peformances...

The notoriously shy singer/songwriter, Sia, appeared on Saturday Night Live over the weekend, to stage two performances from her latest album, 1,000 Forms of Fear. The episode’s guest-host, actor and comedian, Kevin Hart, introduced her as the show’s musical act. 

One performance (below) saw a reimagined staging for her 2014 hit, Chandelier, which saw Sia accompanied by a mime, dressed in full mime-regalia, who presented an emotional choreographed sign-language routine, to the stripped down rendition of the poignant song. 

The second performance (below) was of her latest single Elastic Heart, which saw Sia’s appointed poster-girl, Maddie Ziegler, recreate the concept of the song’s controversial video (which also stars Shia LaBeouf) this time with a grown-up, Maddie-replica style dancer. 

Sia also found a new way to perform live in front an audience without too much exposure, by shading her face with a frill-embellished visor. 

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