Icon rappers compared to pre-16th century artworks

Icon rappers compared to pre-16th century artworks

Hip-hop's leading stars go back in time

Image: B4XVI

The Tumblr B4XVI have recently gathered a unique collection of comparisons between pre-16th century art and famous rappers

New York-based art directors Cecilia Azcarate and Ferdinando Verderi continue to flood the pages of their Tumblr page with impressive and comical compositions of contemporary hip-hop stars compared with historic art from the centuries past.

The duo have described their new images as, "highlighting an invisible conversation between hip-hop and art before the 16th century."

One comparison sees Kanye West positioned alongside a Renaissance portrait while Young Thug poses next to an Inca-like sculpture. The two were inspired to start the project after a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and realised the resemblance in dress sense and attitude throughout the centuries.