Pharrell Williams' 24 hour video – 'Happy'

Pharrell Williams' 24 hour video – 'Happy'

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Image: Pharrel Williams

Got some time on your hands? Just can't get enough of Pharrell Williams? Then you might want to check out his new record breaking video for Happy, which runs for a whole 24 hours.

Consisting of a full day's worth of images and people dancing, clapping and happily walking down the street, the video includes celebrities like Magic Johnson, Jamie Foxx, Kelly Osbourne, Steve Carell and others, moving to the beat of the song featured in Despicable Me 2.

A clock graphic is superimposed over all the action, which you can click to jump ahead. At 11:23 am, for instance, you can check out a guy with a massive Afro grooving to the tune while Pharrell shows up at 3 pm. 

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