One to watch: Black Atlass

One to watch: Black Atlass

Sounds like style

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A young singer songwriter with a serious sense of fashion, let us introduce you to the brains behind Black Atlass...

Meet 19-year-old Londoner Alex Fleming – now residing in Ontario, Canada – and the name behind new music sensation Black Atlass.

Yet to turn 20, the young talent has already released his first EP, toured Europe and supported the esteemed artist Woodkid.

Black Atlass cites strong influence from Kanye West and Frank Ocean. Fleming explains that these artists inspire him, with tracks such as Hills or Paris combining elegant notes of the piano with vocals, synth-pop and RnB-influenced lyrics.

However it's not only the music industry that have take notice of the young composer, songwriter and artist. Fleming has also been picked by Louis Vuitton, who actually used the intro to Paris on a video played as part of the exhibition devoted to the brand's work with Marc Jacobs, held last year at the Museum of Decorative Arts, in Paris. Not to mention his front row seats at Dior Homme and Kris van Assche.

It seems that the adventures of Black Atlass are only just beginning.

Black Atlass

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