Must-watch: Rihanna's Sledgehammer music video

Star Trek soundtrack

Text: Faizal Dahlawia

Image: YouTube

It's finally here: Rihanna has dropped the music video for the much talked about single from the Star Trek Beyond movie and it's a must-watch...

Rihanna has released the music video for her latest single "Sledgehammer". Taken off the soundtrack of the upcomng summer vlockbuster Star Trek Beyond, the single was written by Sia and has been very much in the spotlight after she released a teaser on social media before a partial release of the song was heard on the movie's latest trailer. In the video, Rihanna, complete with alien face markings, dances and sings on an arid desert land with spaceships and bright constellations providing an other-wordly backdrop.

Star Trek Beyond opens in theatres July 22.

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