Lykke Li announces brief departure from music

Lykke Li announces brief departure from music

The songstress cancels her upcoming tour

Lykke Li has taken to her Instagram handle to cancel her upcoming festival appearances in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore after the exhaustion of constant touring has forced the 'No Rest For The Wicked' singer to "take a break."

Yesterday evening, Lykke Li announced that she will be stepping out of the limelight for a while after the intense touring of her I Never Learn tour has left the musician exhausted. "I am utterly devastated. Sometimes we push and push but the body simply won't follow," the singer wrote on Instagram. "I gave it all I had, my body, heart and soul. After seven years of touring, my health is screaming/begging for me to listen/heal/slow down."

Li was scheduled to tour with the Laneway Festival – a traveling festival that will happen in Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore early in the year – but she's now canceled all those appearances as she offered her apologetic explanation on the photo-sharing site.


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