Lorde pulls 'a Beyonce' with a secret single release

Lorde pulls 'a Beyonce' with a secret single release

'No Better' revealed this week

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Lorde dropped a new single on iTunes this week called 'No Better' – just hours after Beyonce released her secret album

Known for her breakout hit Royals, Lorde has soon become one to watch for 2014. Already nominated for four Grammys next year, the electro pop singer-songwriter has also been made popular by famously crashing Vevo with too many hits at once on the release of her music video for the track Team

On Friday, just hours after Beyonce shocked everyone with the release of her secret album, Lorde also dropped a secret single titled No Better to end off her successful year.

A frequent social media user, Lorde has no explanation on her Twitter or Facebook feed about the single, could the release be a mere coincidence or a publicity stunt? 

No Better is now available on iTunes for download

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