Listen now: weekend playlist

Listen now: weekend playlist

Nov 15-16

Image: Last FM


This weekends playlist kick starts with childhood friends Joanna Herskovits, Leonard Öhman, and Alice Luther who make up the Museum of Bellas Artes - a Swedish folktronica group who released their new album 'Pieces' this week, Buro 24/7 loves their track 'Abyss'. 

Our second selection features the first artist to sign to Thrupence and Chet Faker's new record label Detail Co., Yujen - who's first official release is scheduled for early next year. 'Try It Over' is a track from Yujen's forthcoming debut EP, a delicious initial offering from the Melbourne trio.

Icelandic singer-songwriter Ásgeir follows with the cheery and addictive track 'Torrent'. Next up is German musical Trio Claire (lead singer Josie-Claire Bürkle pictured above) who released their single 'Games' earlier this year, which was recently remixed by the aclaimed Passion Pit

Our playlist finishes with the debut track by the mysterious band Tabloid, who have remained true to their name and remain obscure - the group do not have a Twitter or Facebook page and let their music do the talking. Enjoy!


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