Listen now: Buro 24/7 Middle East's Weekend Playlist

Listen now: Buro 24/7 Middle East's Weekend Playlist

April 17–19

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Buro 24/7 Middle East contributor Maha Sulaiman selects five tracks that will get you ready for the weekend

This weekends playlist is incredibly upbeat and emanates positive vibes which is perfect in time for the weekend. Enjoy.


1. Sade's 1992 classic No Ordinary Love is the latest song to be given the MNEK "refix" treatment, and while such a move might read as blasphemous to some, it's hard to find fault in the teenager's update. It respectfully recasts the original's patient, deep groove luxuriance into a shimmering, moon-lit electro-soul churn and supplies a stunning vocal performance that digs into the lyric's heart-shattered ache with breathtaking lows and awe-inducing, wail-streaked highs. 

No Ordinary Love (Sade Refix) by MNEK


2. Neus (aka Gaël Guidicelli) was born in Bastia and passionate by music from his youth, has experimented with genres ranging from electro and techno to minimalist. The artist introduces a brand new remix of Happy by Pharrell Williams. The reworked track slides into a different register with funky house beats, bringing the French Touch vibe in it and showing us that he is able to produce and excel in different music styles.

Happy (NEUS Remix) by

3. The vocal performances that Kwabs gives on each track he releases sound as if he poured his entire soul into each and every one of them; with every note and word he sings, it’s as if they are being sung with the utmost care. We can only speculate on how many takes Kwabs does when he records his vocals, but from our assumptions based on the end result in his recordings, it sounds as if they are all done in one. Forget punch-ins or producers tweaking Kwabs’ sound; this guy was born to sing, and there’s absolutely no denying that fact. We’ve already come to this conclusion from his previous releases, but now with the Plan-B-produced, Pray For Love, it’s even more apparent as his ascent to falsetto perfection reaches a new level on the track.


4. Turtlenecks, gold chains, sedated beats, and the most genuine R&B croons are what make up SPOOKY BLACK, the 16-year-old artist from St Paul. His last video was for Without You, a track produced by GREAF is an unexpected stunning piece of sweet angelic vocals, melodies and expressions of yearning.

Without U (Prod. Greaf) by SPOOKY BLACK


5. Bon Iver is a Grammy Award winning indie folk band from Wisconsin in the United States, and one of Justin Vernon’s current and most notable music projects to date. The band also consists of Mike Noyce, Sean Carey and Matt MacCaughan.

Skinny Love (Moritz Guhling Remix) by Bon Iver NYC Music

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