Lemonade: Beyonce's new secret project

In collaboration with HBO

Text: Shannon Wylie

Beyonce has just announced her new project, Lemonade, which will be launched on April 23. Buro 24/7 Middle East has the details...

Beyonce has just released a teaser for her new project, Lemonade. The cryptic two-minute video sees the singer lifting her head, on repeat, saying: "What am I gonna do love? What am I gonna do?" 

The international premier of the project is being done in collaboration with the HBO channel, which will premiere the project this month — all two hours and twenty minutes of it. Whether that project is the release of a new album, movie, or even a series of music videos is yet to be determined.

Lemonde by Beyonce will debut on HBO, at 21:00 US time on April 23, 2016.



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