Keith Richards completes solo album and launches children's book

Keith Richards completes solo album and launches children's book

The rock legend returns

Today, Keith Richards has announced that he has completed a new solo album, his first in 22 years, which was made over the course of “a couple of years”

The new album from Keith Richards is set to be released once the Rolling Stones' current tour comes to an end  most likely next June – and is the first solo disc in 22 years. 

"I have a solo record finished, but I don't want to put it out while the Stones are working," Richards said, "We've got South America lined up in February, Buenos Aires, Peru. And after that, I know what the Stones tours are like, they tend to get extended."

Working with Richards on the album was Steve Jordan, his longtime partner in the band X-Pensive Winos. "We had no rush," he explained. "Every month or two we'd come down here," to New York's Germano Studios, "and do a couple a day and knock off a couple of tracks ... Nearly every record I've made is ... 'You've got another five days,' but this one we're taking our time."

In the past few years, the famous guitarist put out a bestselling memoir, Life, and is also about to publish a children's book inspired by his grandfather, called Gus & Me: The Story of My Granddad and My First Guitar

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