Kate Moss turns music critic for George Michael's new album

Kate Moss turns music critic for George Michael's new album

Supermodel enters the world of music journalism

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From walking runways to designing clothes, it seems there's nothing Kate Moss can't do as she writes her first ever music review for long-term friend George Michael

British supermodel Kate Moss is showing off her musical knowledge by writing an album review for pop legend George Michael's latest album, Symphonica.

Writing the whole review in first person for, Moss starts off by saying, "The doorbell rings. It's 8.45pm on a miserable Tuesday night and I open the door to find George Michael standing outside (I knew he was coming)."

The supermodel then goes on to critique each track, describing songs such as You've Changed as "fragile and honest," expressing her emotions, Moss adds, "it almost makes me cry".

Concluding the unique review Moss writes "George's ability to communicate as a performer and make you feel part of a journey is a rare gift. It's an ability that defines the musical greats and, for me, it also defines what makes Symphonica such a beautiful album. Everyone should experience this."

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