Watch now: Janelle Monáe's cover of David Bowie's 'Heroes'

Watch now: Janelle Monáe's cover of David Bowie's 'Heroes'

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Image: Josepvinaixa
Image: YouTube

Janelle Monáe unveils her recently recorded cover of David Bowie's famed song 'Heroes' – newly created for a Pepsi ad campaign

The previously released Heroes cover track by the American soul singer has now got a video, directed by Young Astronauts. The clip follows a series of bullied school children who proceed to take inspiration from a fake comic book that stars Monáe.

The video is part of this year's World Cup-related Pepsi campaign 'Beats of the Beautiful Game'. The beverage company will release a video series and album, in collaboration with the non-profit orginisation Cine Favela.

The album is out June 9 and will also feature Santigold, Kelly Rowland, Timbaland, and more.

Watch Heroes below now: