Happy Birthday Pharrell Williams

Happy Birthday Pharrell Williams

The comeback kid turns 41

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Proving that he owes his success to more than just 'getting lucky', 41-year-old Pharrell Williams celebrates his birthday today. Buro 24/7 highlights his incredible 12 years in music

Its seems as though Pharrell Williams, Happiness-inducing music star, continual fashion collaborator and saver of the planet has been on the pop-culture radar forever. It's difficult to remember a time when he didn't appear frequently in news feeds on a daily basis for one stylish reason or another, but, it once was so.

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Williams actually emerged on the music scene around 12 years ago, a time when Pharrell, as part of the superstar production line up The Neptunes, practically helped shape the sound of pop music at the time. For most of the first half of the 00s, The Neptunes, and Pharrell especially, comandeered nearly every song on the radio. Their signature skeletal-but-maximalist beats in the background, plus videos on MTV regularly meant seeing his happy smiling face peeking out from the background.

Some of Williams' key achievements during that time was the production of Nelly's Hot in Herre and featuring on Snoop Dogg's Beautiful, both of which established The Neptunes as the most important producers in popular music. They collaborated with the chart moulding hits of the decade like Britney Spears' Slave 4 U, and Justin Timberlake's Like I Love You – a partnership that created a lasting friendship.

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After his peak of the early 00s, Pharrell went somewhat underground from fronting the music scene, he stayed working, composing the score for animated 3-D flick Despicable Me and even collaborating with Hans Zimmer on the music for this year’s Oscars, and released a couple more albums with N.E.R.D. (the newly formed The Neptunes), none of which had much commercial impact, before he produced Frank Ocean’s 2012 song, Sweet Life; along with some other producing projects, sometimes with Chad Hugo and sometimes solo. Throw in his fashion line Billionaire Boys Club and various red carpet appearances with his wife Helen Lasichanh, and he never really strayed too far from the consciousness of the style set.

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And then, 2013 happened. Pharrell worked on two of the utter smash hits of the year; with Daft Punk on Get Lucky and Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines – taking Pharrell’s status into household name territory. Despite being 41 years of age, his undeniable talent, forever-boyish charm – and let's face it, a fabulous sense of style – keep him as fresh today as the moment his career began over a decade ago. Happy Birthday Pharrell!

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