Happy Birthday Drake

Happy Birthday Drake

Buro 24/7 celebrates with five reasons to love him

Text: Buro 24/7

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On his 27th birthday we feel the need to celebrate Aubrey Drake Graham - the Canadian hip-hop artist known to all as the Drake. So we have edited down some of our favourite songs, alongside five reasons why this is a musician seriously worth listening to. Our take on Drake, if you will.

1. Winning

During his short-lived singing career Drake has managed to acquire a huge number of awards, his BET Awards include; Breakthrough of the Year (2009), The best hip-hop artist (2010, 2012), Video of the Year (2013), Best Collaboration (from A $ AP Rocky and Kendrick Lamar), plus the Grammy Award for Best Rap Album of the Year in 2010 (for Take Care), he was awarded Man of the Year by GQ in 2010, as well as numerous MTV awards and countless nominations. So there.



2. The personal touch

Whichever track you listen to, Drake as a performer tells stories of personal experiences - be they domestic problems or dramatic love episodes.  He often sings about his mother, past or ongoing love, trying to build a relationship with his father and his own insecurities. So no boasting about the large amount of money in his bank account and his multiple expensive cars.



3. Lawmaker not breaker

Whether we like it or not, Drake began a new era of hip-hop. Without a shadow of a doubt he was, one of the first artists who began to write lyrics from the heart - lyrics that the genre classified as 'uncool'. But did he care? Nope. And in spite of his industry haters, he continued to stick to his non-literal guns. And rightly so.



4. Good behaviour

Unlike many of his counterparts, Drake's reputation is squeaky clean. The only incident that presented the singer in a slightly negative light is a run-in with Chris Brown over Rihanna. But let's face it, who was ever really going to take Chris Brown's side there.



5. He hearts his fans

For so many people engaged in some form of art, Drake is a real inspiration.  One of those young fans (and possibly future imitator) is Will Smith's son, Jaden. At a recent concert, the Drake appeared in sweatshirt with a picture of Jaden's surprised face splashed across the front - a shot taken during Drake's VMA 2013 performance. That's the kind of mutual appreciation we appreciate.