Grimes speaks out in favour of Jay Z's Tidal

Grimes speaks out in favour of Jay Z's Tidal

"Mad respect for Tidal!"

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Roc Nation artist Grimes has spoke out in favour of Jay Z's Tidal, as the media publish not so favourable reports about the much-hyped, and world's first artist-owned music streaming platform...

Perhaps after seeing Jay Z's Twitter rant Grimes felt the need to step in and show solidarity for Tidal – the world's first artist-owned music streaming platform, which opened to much fanfare last month. Following reports that Kanye West was distancing himself from Mr. Carter's empire, and that it had dropped off of Apple's top 700 download list, Jay Z recently pulled an uncharacteristic flurry on social media, in a bid to silence critics (full story here.)

Now Grimes has spoken out in favour of Tidal, posting the following statement:

"Mad respect for TIDAL!! I literally know musicians who live in cars and storage spaces, etc. And I know some pretty popular musicians who still struggle to make ends meet. Unless artists have a popular live show there aren't a lot of income streams available. People have characterized TIDAL negatively but I promise it's 100% artist friendly, and fan friendly since y'all have the option to pay the same rate as other streaming [platforms.] Respect to everyone involved for doing the right thing for struggling artists -- this kind of thing is so important, especially for indie music! PS. I AM SIGNED TO 4AD!! The misconception that I am not an independent artist anymore is incorrect, I can speak as an independent artist here. Roc Nation manages me, I'm not signed to them nor do I have any investment in TIDAL, nor did anyone ask me to say this. PS. To everyone who buys music respect! Glad to hear many of you buy music rather than stream which is the best way to support smaller artists! ^_^ And also, for those who can't afford streaming or buying music, I do not judge anyone for that! This is a suggestion, not a demand. [And] sorry it has created so much anger amongst y'all." 

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