Google introduces free music streaming service – Google Play

Should we pay to play?

Google introduces music streaming service with Google Play, by way of a fun introductory video. But in a marketplace riddled with difficulties, will Google Play be able to survive without ruffling any musical feathers?

Music streaming is the huge talking point of the moment and recently a major bone of contention between musicians and the tech world. Joining the competitive and controversial scene, is Google, with its Google Play service.

The service is free, supported by ads, and allows users to create playlists, or hear curated playlists based on a particular artist, song or album. Google’s massive catalogue of music is at the disposal of users and for $9.99 a month, subscribers can enjoy an enhanced and ad-free service. The streaming system also ties in with a purchase function, allowing users to click through and purchase tracks and albums that they want to own.

There is no word on how musicians are being compensated for the free user service, but we hope that Google have learned from Apple Music's mistake, which was pointed out, and corrected we might add, with the help of Taylor Swift (read up on that here.) And with Jay-Z’s Tidal offering showing signs of floundering with the loss of its second CEO in 3 months, we watch with interest to see if Google Play gets it right. Take a look at its launch video above...