HBO release new trailer for 'Foo Fighters Sonic Highways'

HBO release new trailer for 'Foo Fighters Sonic Highways'

Premiering on October 17

Image: Hbo

Foo Fighter fans across the world can rejoice as HBO has recently unveiled a five-minute trailer for the eight-episode 'Sonic Highways' – a new series which follows the iconic band as they put together their new album

With the highly-anticipated series premiere on October 17, Foo Fighters' new HBO series will chronicle the recording of eight songs in eight different cities, with interviews from legends in the music industry in each episode.

Along with some special musical snippets, the five-minute preview features Foo Fighters' frontman David Grohl and the rest of the band, Queen of the Stone Age's Josh Homme, Willie Nelson, Kiss' Paul Stanley, Coldplay's Chris Martin, the Black Keys' Dan Auerbach , Dolly Parton and LL Cool J. 

Foo Fighters trailer

"Basically, the process is we come to a city and we spend a week and we start recording an instrumental, because I interview all of these different musicians from that city," explains explains Grohl in the trailer.

Watch 'Foo Fighter Sonic Highways' trailer below now: 

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