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Dubai-based artist Dana Hourani will be performing her first-ever single in Lebanon next month

Hear ‘Ella Enta’ live…
Months after debuting her first single, Dana Hourani will be taking to the stage ‘Ella Enta’ in July…

There’s nothing we love more than seeing women succeed and when it’s women from the region, it’s a plus.

Dubai-based style icon and artist, Dana Hourani, released her first ever single Ella Enta, a few months ago and has garnered immense success across the globe with a large amount of praise coming from the region.

In just one month, the debut hit has reached some impressive figures on several streaming platforms including YouTube, Apple Music and even Spotify (which launched in the Middle East last year).

Now, the Lebanese artist will be heading to her hometown for an exciting performance.

Hourani will be performing her single Ella Enta at the Jounieh International Festival in Lebanon. She will be taking the stage as a special and main guest performer at the Adonis concert on July 18. She previously collaborated with the band to cover a 2000s classic.

In case you aren’t too familiar with the song, it is “about a public figure who, despite her success, can only find peace and inspiration in love,” explained Dana. “It is a rendition of my life as a modern Arab woman who questions the boundaries we draw between what is public and what is private, between life projected on social media and reality.”

The song (which translates to ‘Except for You’ in English) is Dana’s attempt to translate into Arabic, the emotions that, so far, she has been so accustomed to expressing in English. “It is about me using the universal language of music to reflect what I usually express in my photographs: the correlation between East and West that inspires my visual art.”

If you’re in Lebanon next month, make sure to stop by the Jounieh International Festival on July 18, 2019.

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