Beyoncé named world's most powerful celebrity by 'Forbes'

Beyoncé named world's most powerful celebrity by 'Forbes'

All hail the Queen

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It's been a good year for Beyoncé, and things just keep looking up as the singer outdid her husband by taking the title as the World's Most Powerful Celebrity, according to 'Forbes' Magazine

Some of the highlights of recent times include her impressive performance at the Superbowl where she strutted her stuff on a stage that mimicked her side profile; as well as the Mrs Carter Show World Tour, in which she performed in over 130 concerts across the globe, pulling in millions of dollars through ticket sales as well as luxurious Bey-clad merchandise.

Also, who can forget how she flew under the radar to release her fifth album, Beyoncé, which went straight from the studio to iTunes and consisted of audio and visual components that caused an Internet epidemic – as well as creating a movement with her hit single In Love, with fans glorifying the lyrics to the song.

This year's top 4 runner-ups for Forbes' Most Powerful Celebrities are LeBron James, Dr. Dre, Oprah and Ellen Degeneres, with Jay Z falling short by coming in at number 6 compared to his wife's top spot. 

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