Beck and The Flaming Lips cover The Beatles

Beck and The Flaming Lips cover The Beatles

Lucy in the sky with diamonds

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A pair of American artists release 2 new covers of Beatles and Lennon classics to kick off the New Year

Pop cultures fab four, The Beatles, are famous the world over. Musician after musician have covered their classics to add their own flavour into the Beatles phenomenon - although nothing can beat the untouchable and original pieces.

American rock band, The Flaming Lips, has just released a psychedelic cover of the legendary song Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds. The track was released on the Lips frontman Wayne Coyne's Instagram account as a preview for the bands New Years Eve show, where they featured a set list of Beatles covers.

Multi instrumentalist and singer-song writer, Beck, also has released a new cover of John Lennon's Love. The scheduled recording will be featured on a new album compilation that Starbucks will release on February 14 for Valentine's Day. 

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