Listen now: Banks covers Aaliyah track

Listen now: Banks covers Aaliyah track

Are you that somebody?

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Proving her RnB worth, Banks covers an iconic Aaliyah's track on a recent trip to the UK – further impressing the industry in the process

Jillian Banks, known simply – and stylised as – BANKS, is a LA-based singer making waves in the music industry with her gentle, sincere vocals, and soft electronic sound, and she was interviewed by Buro 24/7 recently.

After listening to a few bars of any number of her tracks, it's little wonder that the 25-year-old star is being credited with 'giving new hope to the resurgence of RnB music', according to critics. While on tour across the UK, Banks stopped by the BBC Radio One studio for her first ever live radio performance. Proving those critics perfectly right, she revealed a moody acoustic version of Aaliyah's famous track Are You That Somebody.

Listen to the four-and-a-half minute song below, now:

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