Watch now: Alt-J release new music video for 'Pusher'

Watch now: Alt-J release new music video for 'Pusher'

Directed by Thomas Rhazi

Alt-J has revealed an eerie music video for their fresh track ‘Pusher’, which is featured on their new album 'This Is All Yours'

Director Thomas Rhazi, who is known for his obscure short films, has collaborated with Alt-J to create an ever-so-slightly harrowing music video for Pusher. The clip is said to have been the concept of the band's lead vocalist Joe Newman, which shows an unstable looking French man stood on a soap box preaching to a circle of bald men.

Rhazi explains the notion in the press release: "It was about a guy breaking his neck in a very poetic way. We spoke about the British Speaker's Corners – all those men and women in the late 70's preaching for their own reasons and beliefs. I wanted this film to be very humanist and as deep and simple as it could be."