\"Everywhere I go I get inspired by the styles of music\" – DJ Sam Feldt on Arabic music

"Everywhere I go I get inspired by the styles of music" – DJ Sam Feldt on Arabic music

In Dubai, for one night only

Text: Faizal Dahlawia

Image: Sam Feldt

Taking the music industry by storm, Sam Feldt is staking his claim as the king of the house and dance world...

A new generation of DJs are taking over, making their own mark on the music industry. Mixed in at the front of the pack is Dutch maestro Sam Feldt. Feldt's musical trajectory is on the upswing with massive hit tracks already under his belt and many more in the pipeline. Now the superstar DJ is in Dubai this weekend for One Big Friday at Zero Gravity, but first Buro 24/7 Middle East spoke to the international star to discuss Coachella, food trucks and his new website...

The end of the year tends to signal a time to reflect. How would you describe your 2016?

This year was amazing! I played all of the big festivals around the world and I had a really busy summer with over 180 bookings. The most memorable show though has to be Coachella because not all DJs get asked to play there, in front of 30,000 people. It was an amazing experience for me. Other than that, I also did a lot of releases and cool remixes, plus my Summer On You track went platinum.

What are you most excited about for your show in Dubai?

I've played in Dubai before but this will be the first time at Zero Gravity and I'm really excited for it because the pool club really matches the style of music that I play – melodic house music. In general I think it's going to be a great party and a great vibe.

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Would you be interested in exploring and integrating Arabic sounds into your music?

Of course! Everywhere I go I get inspired by the styles of music or the different cultures. Music is everywhere and I'm everywhere too so it's only logical to combine all of these styles into my music.

Who would you really like to collaborate with?

There are so many great musicians, songwriters and DJs so it's really hard to choose just one. My biggest musical inspiration though is Paul McCartney, so to be able to get into the studio with him would be awesome. There are also many great singers and heroes of mine, that I can now get in touch with and work with. So expect a lot of exciting collaborations coming up in 2017!

What is one big misconception people have about Sam Feldt?

I started off doing these chill house mixed tapes and I still do these when I chill out and a lot of people think that this is what I play live. There's a big difference between what I play on stage and what I do for my mixed tapes.when I play live I'm really high-energy. I want to make people dance and have a good time.

Name three things that you do outside of music...

I love good food. Everywhere I go I try to look for good places to eat. They don't have to be expensive and it can be a food truck or street food. I'm a big foodie and food enthusiast and my managers and I always try to find the best spots. I also love playing video games. I'm a big gamer and I have a PS4 at home. I'm also big on web designing and I used to have my own web design company.

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What's the one thing that people don't know about Sam Feldt?

I just launched a new platform called That's where I place all of my free downloads, my free tracks and my radio show.

If you could change anything in the music industry right now, what would it be?

I would love for it to be more about the music. That might be easy for me to say now because I'm with a big label but I think there are some artists right now who are big because they have money or they came up with a cool gimmick. I really think it should be more about the music.

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