Zaha Hadid joins Buro 24/7 to celebrate our Azerbaijan launch

Zaha Hadid joins Buro 24/7 to celebrate our Azerbaijan launch

Architecture queen

Editor: Buro 24/7

Image: Buro 24/7 Russia photo by Halid Zeinalov

The Iraqi-British architect works in all scales and sectors, her architectural style is one that is recognisable all over the world

A few days ago Buro 24/7 opened in Azerbaijan. The article published on the new addition to our growing Buro family was an interview with none other than Zaha Hadid. One of Hadid's most beautiful creations is situated in Baku - The Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center; which will also be the venue for the official Buro 24/7 Azerbaijan launch party in March. Join us as we share some snippets from Hadid's exclusive interview with our Azerbaijan sister site...

On the Heydar Aliyev Cultural Centre: 

Our wishes and plans are not always fulfilled. Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center - is an exception to this rule.  It is fantastically complex and a beautiful project.

Zaha Hadid

On the design process:

The idea is based on three interrelated programs. For example, the complex could be used as a cultural center, a museum and a library. 

Zaha Hadid

On how technology factored:

We used digital calculations, which were quite interesting because without them we could not possibly achieve this level of smooth silhouette. Thanks to them, we created a one-piece design with no seams, and it also provided the relevant materials that we could use, their production and manufacture. Computer simulations helped to create the outer contour of the building with a high degree of precision.

On old vs new Baku:

Returning here a few years later, I was struck by how much has the face of the city has changed. It appeared to have a new urban flair. This is due to the fact that over the last five years, much has been done, a lot was designed and built.

On her project in Iraq:

I have been building the Central Bank in Baghdad. Perhaps there will be other projects. It's not necessarily some grand buildings, but it's with these simple ideas that we can rebuild the city after the military operations, it has been adapted for a normal life, for the future.

Zaha Hadid

On the demolition of historic buildings:

I think it's very important to preserve the buildings that represent real value and that are in good condition. However, it is important to create something new, as the architecture - the current generation, become the symbol of the moment. However, the older a building is the more we learn about the history of the people and their way of life.

On her favourite style of architecture:

Constructivism is very close to my heart, Baku in this respect is a special city. It combines pre-Soviet, post-Soviet and Soviet Constructivism. Overall I am very pleased with the architecture of the city. Illuminated buildings, mixing Western ideas with Eastern traditions - all this combines to make the capital of Azerbaijan unique.


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