\"We women have to stick together\" – Rita Ora on making music, fashion and her mother

"We women have to stick together" – Rita Ora on making music, fashion and her mother

As the star launches her Adidas Originals collaboration

Interview: Buro 24/7

"You should see my wardrobe in London; it's scary to imagine how many sneakers I have..." Rita Ora shares her style secrets and inspirations

Londoner Rita Ora is only 23-years-old, yet easily with the career of someone ten years her senior. Not only is she a fully fledged pop star, she's covered over 40 leading publications, taken part in multiple fashion collaborations and now, the young talent has embarked on a journey with Adidas Originals...

This year you have already worked with fashion brands like DKNY and Roberto Cavalli. However now, with Adidas Originals, you have created your own collection. How did that come about?

The idea of a joint collection belongs with Adidas Originals. The team there liked my style and my music, and I was a fan of the brand already. Therefore, to join forces and create something together was quite natural.

I was inspired by my early days, as a tomboy. And for the colour block pack I thought of girls who love sports. I love to wear hoodies, but still look sexy. I wanted to incorporate this in my designs too.

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What do you think about sneaker culture? Do you consider yourself a part of it?

I love the sneaker culture, and as far as I can remember, I have always collected sneakers! You should have seen my wardrobe in London; it's scary to imagine how many pairs I have. And how much time I spent taking care of them...


Despite your various fashion links, your music is what made you famous, and one of your most popular songs is RIP. What does the track mean to you?

Actually RIP was recorded together with DJ Fresh and it was my first big song in the charts, it set the bar for me really. I'm proud of it, because it's my baby, who turned out just great!


Apart from DJ Fresh you have also worked with other artists. Who has been the most memorable?

Probably my collaboration with Iggy Azalea: Black Widow. Even now, way after recording it, I find this song cool. The single was written by Katy Perry, which in itself is a big deal, if you know what I mean. In general, the idea is that the two women involved have supported each other and aren't trying to compete with each other, which is important and significant. And as it should be. Iggy is a very cool performer and a good friend, and we have so much fun onstage. We women have to stick together and be proud of our achievements. 

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"We women have to stick together and be proud of our achievements"


Who would you like to work with in the future?

Prince! We have actually. I think that something good came out of it...

rita ora interview

You have covered a number of magazines, including Hunger, which said you have a strong character, and brought something new to the music world. Who has been inspiring to you?

Without a doubt, my mother. She always amazes me, and I have admired her since childhood. She raised three children, and had her own career.


What advice would you give today's younger generation?

Believe in yourself, and you can be anyone. 

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