One to watch: Illustrator Spencer Houghton

One to watch: Illustrator Spencer Houghton

Donald Drawbertson's talented nephew

After stumbling upon his unique Instagram account via his uncle and Buro 24/7 friend 'Donald Drawbertson', we were keen to discover more about the rising 20-year-old creative...

If your uncle was Donald Drawbertson, it would only be natural that you had some artistic flare in your DNA, case in point Spencer Houghton. The Toronto-native who now lives in London, and has recently grabbed our attention due to his witty tongue-and-cheek illustrations, we had a quick chat with the young talent and explored his artistic universe...

How has your uncle influenced you? 

Donald's influence convinced me to do things my mum wasn't very stoked about. He convinced me to leave school and made it possible for me to move across the pond. Europe is crazy.

Spencer Houghton

What's your favourite piece you've created so far?

My favourite piece is 'Lego', because I never liked puzzles.

What has been one of the best career choices you've made so far?

Leaving school.

What's your dream?

My dream is to never want to sleep in.

Spencer Houghton

Who or what inspires you?

There's this homeless kid who lives around where I work in London. He looks about my age. He never asks for money or anything he just sits by this sign that says "Smile, it's free". I'd say him. 

What is the best advice you have ever received?

"Look both ways before you cross the street."

Spencer Houghton

Who's work do you recommend checking out?

My friend Brode. Sickest illustrator. Incredible effortless style. He only puts stuff out over Snapchat though. His name is 'blahblahhhh' – add him and tell him to draw more.  

Spencer Houghton

Spencer Houghton

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