Buro 24/7 Interview: Monica Belluci

Buro 24/7 Interview: Monica Belluci

On ageless beauty and her new film role

Interview: Buro 24/7

Image: Buro 24/7 Russia

Italian actress, model and Dolce & Gabanna fashion house muse Monica Belluci speaks exclusively to Buro 24/7 in Moscow

With classically beautiful facial features, the ultimate feminine curves and chic Italian accent to boot, Monica Belluci is about as graceful as it gets. There are few Hollywood starlets that can compete with her siren-like sensuality. 

Buro 24/7 speaks to the actress and Dolce & Gabbana beauty muse to find out more, just moments ahead of her appearance at the brand's new Moscow store, opening a dedicated cosmetics corner with the designer duo. 

You encapsulate the Dolce & Gabbana spirit perfectly. Why do you think that is?

I work – and have been friends with them both for many years. In fact, in 1989, they saw me just as a young Italian model. Years have passed, but they still invite me to participate in promotions, and be a face of the brand. It is very touching. The meaning of beauty here is not necessarily 'young'. 

The meaning of beauty for Dolce & Gabbana is not necessarily 'young'


Which obstacles do you feel you have encountered during your career?

Actually the hardest part was the beginning. Over 20 years, I have started to work in the fashion business, after working in movies. The transition from one to the other demanded patience, strength and awareness.  It's all about appearance, and you must be able to play.

Monica Belluci interview

Who do you find more complicated, men or women?

Oh, what a difficult question. I cannot say for sure, I know only one side of the coin!  Sometimes I suppose this world does not want to see strong women, because by nature we are supposedly the 'weaker' gender. Whatever the case, I'm glad to be a woman.


And which attributes do you admire in men?

That's really quite hard to say, because every case is different. Sometimes you will go crazy for a scoundrel. 

Monica Belluci interview

What are you working on now?

I have been working with the Serbian filmmaker, Emir Kusturica. On a project called Love and War. It is dedicated to a man who survived war and became a monk.

Serbia! I've never been to such a magical, mysterious place


Where is it based?

In Serbia! I've never been to such a magical, mysterious place. What scenery! What spirit! I've actually been staying at the home of Emir Kusturica. I'm even considering learning Serbian. 

Monica Belluci interview

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