Happy Birthday James Franco

Happy Birthday James Franco

The star turns 36 today

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In celebration of the Hollywood star's birthday today, we share some unknown facts about the actor who shares so much himself...

James Franco is a man of many a talents, whether it be acting on Broadway, to opening his own drama school or directing fashion ads for Gucci – and today, the Hollywood icon turns 36-years-old. In celebration of the fine actor and all round fun personality, Buro 24/7 shares five unknown facts about the modern eccentric:

1. Even though James got the role of Harry Osborn in the big budget rendition of Spider-Man, he originally planned to audition for the role of Peter Parker.

2. James was highly acclaimed for his role as James Dean, but did you know that when preparing for the role, he started to smoke two boxes of cigarettes every day?

3. Even though James dropped out of University to pursue acting, he recently returned to obtain a PhD at Yale.

4. In 2013, James was honored with a star at 34-years-old that was placed on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

5. Before James joined the ranks of Hollywood A-listers, he actually started with a role as a charater called “Franco” in General Hospital.

Happy Birthday James Franco!

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