Gareth Pugh, Jeremy Scott and more interview Jeff Koons

Gareth Pugh, Jeremy Scott and more interview Jeff Koons

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Recently, i-D Magazine invited four fashion designers influenced and inspired by Jeff Koons' work to ask the American artist some questions of their choice

Known for his love for shiny, plastic and colourful tihngs, Jeff Koons has become one of the world's major contemporary artists, influencing some of the biggest creatives of our time. Leading i-D Magazine to invite four fashion designers, from Gareth Pugh and Walter van Beirendonck to Bernhard Willhelm and Jeremy Scott,  to put Mr. Koons in the hot seat. The famed designers covered topics such as the origins of Koon's fascination with balloons, where he finds his inspirations from and more...

On the topic of other artists, Walter van Bierendonck asked Koons what his favourite art piece has been, and Koons replied "I really enjoy the whole vocabulary of art, so if I had to choose one I would say the Venus Of Willendorf (a stone statuette dating back to 1908), because it references history, there is a sense of mystery. "

Gareth Pugh then asked where Koons' obsession with balloons came from, "Probably from a child and from vacuum cleaners. I remember coming across these machines that were powerful and anthropomorphic. I like balloons because they're like people. You inflate them and they're like us in breathing, but in complete reversal because there's a density inside us and in a balloon it's just emptiness and air. The density's on the outside." he answered.

While eccentric designer Jeremy Scott asked more imaginary questions like "Duchamp or Warhol, who would win in a wrestling match?" with Koons bluntly replying, " 
Duchamp. We come from Duchamp and have all been involved with the development of what objective art can be.




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