Exclusive: Eddie Redmayne judges Wallpaper* 2016 Design Awards, winners announced

Exclusive: Eddie Redmayne judges Wallpaper* 2016 Design Awards, winners announced

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Text: Shannon Wylie

Image: Wallpaper*

Eddie Redmayne joins the Wallpaper* & Panerai Design Awards as they announce the 2016 winners today. To celebrate Buro 24/7 Middle East speaks to the judges...

C redited as being the 'Oscars of the design world', the Wallpaper* & Panerai Design Awards 2016 this year sees six judges from the film, fashion, art and design industries come together to decide who walks away with the coveted accolade. Among those is Academy award-winning actor Eddie Redmayne, who joins the panel for the first time ever along with jewellery designer Delfina Delettrez, architect David Adjaye, art director, designer and author George Lois, industrial designer Konstantin Grcic and architect and designer Patricia Urquiola.

Some of the standout awards were the Best Tribute, which went to The Bowls Project, by Jonathan Anderson, for Loewe; Best Cocktail Hour, which went to the 'Kathy' armchair, by Fendi Casa; Best Posh Picnic went to 'Mood' the 24-piece cutlery set with storage capsule, by Christofle Marble placemats, from the Conran shop and 'Concertina' chair, by Raw-Edges, for Louis Vuitton; Best Nut Buster went to Nutcracker, by Hermès and Best Soft Landing went to the Fur-lined slippers, by Gucci.

As the award-winners are announced today, Buro 24/7 Middle East spoke to some of the judges to find out their opinion on the awards...

Delfina Delettrez

Jewellery designer, Delfina Delettrez on...

Best City, Copenhagen
"Its architecture is expanding in a smart way, using natural resources and avant-garde design."

Best New Public Building, OMA's Fondazione Prada
"I observed when I first visited the complex on a grey and rainy day that an enormous amount of light in the form of reflections changed the perception of the whole area. So not only the foundation tower, but many of the surrounding buildings seemed golden."

George Lois

Art director, designer and author, George Lois on... 

Life Enhancer of the Year, Apple Watch Hermès, by Apple and Hermès 
"It's the kind of watch that you wear and you let everyone know that you're wearing it, you know what I mean? I voted for it because it's going to be a hot item."

Konstantin Grcic and Patricia Urquiola

Industrial designer, Konstantin Grcic on...

Best New Public Building, The Fondazione Prada
"There were no compromises made. The choice of architect, and the time span of developing such a project in all of its detail, make the building stand for the kind of quality that we see so rarely today."

Best Men's Fashion Collection AW15 and Best Womenswear Fashion Collection AW15
"I feel very inspired by good fashion designers and what they're able to do. We keep designing tables, chairs and storage. They have to redesign the jacket, shirt and trousers. The choice of materials, fabrics and the construction of something three-dimensional is very interesting."

Architect and designer, Patricia Urquiola on...

Best New Hotel, Aman Tokyo
"I've been there. The entrance is an incredible piece of architecture."

Best New Public Building, The Fondazione Prada
"This kind of attitude to think but then to also act, is so important. As someone who lives in Milan, they have really given us something special."

The full list of winners is published in the February edition of Wallpaper* magazine, which is on sale today.

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