The September Issue: A column by Emergeast

The September Issue: A column by Emergeast

Editor: Buro 24/7

Dima Abdul Kader and Nikki Meftah compile a few tips and pointers to bear in mind as you embark upon a new season of art in the region this September

T he summer months may be behind us, but the new season brings us an exciting new art season ahead, with gallery openings, new shows, and museum rotations, parallel with the fashion world... September marks the beginning of a new art year. We look forward to finding out what trends we will see this year in the region. Will digitally illustrated art continue to gain confidence? Or will conventional painting continue to dominate our Middle Eastern art galleries? Or perhaps, today's dynamic artists will surprise us with conceptual mixed media installations.  Nevertheless, as the founders of a new concept to the region, Emergeast, we will scan, scour and take in this season's art shows with open arms.

Going to a show, gallery or browsing through art can seem a little overwhelming and perhaps thought to only be sectioned to a preconceived notion of a 'private club' of collectors – yet collecting art is no mysterious feat, with plenty of art speaking to a young and fresh audience from the region...

Emergeast column II

will digitally illustrated art continue to gain confidence?             ...Or will conventional painting continue to dominate our Middle Eastern art galleries?

Why buy art?

Buying a piece of art is a reflection of you. Whether it stirs sadness, joy, identity, a Diaspora or comical value, it's yours to share with others around you and a day-to-day reminder of a small piece of who you are and what you liked. Tuning into the Middle Eastern art scene around us gives access to dynamic reflections of powerful contemporary themes taking place in this shifting region.


How do I know what style I like?

Half of the fun lies in finding out what you like through gallery visits, fairs, shows and museums. It's a slow but gratifying process indeed until you find that piece that speaks to you!


Start with the aesthetic value...

Don't dwell on whether the artwork or artist you fancy is a future investable or not. You will often find a more luck in a piece of art that you connect with and believe in! Remember it's not a stock but a creative masterpiece.


Try and stick to originals.

There's nothing better to know that this piece belongs to you and only you (unless it's a Andy Warhol of course, then by all means feel free to buy the print!).


How do I allocate a budget?

There is no set formula when you're buying an artwork, it's a balance between the your art appetite, the aesthetic value, size of work and the artist's record.


Emergeast column II

Where shall I go?

Dubai marks the start of this exciting season with Al Serkal Avenue Galleries Night, taking place on the 15th September. The city's creative district will be hosting a vibrant night filled with art, artists and creative's alike. Some exhibitions amongst the many to look out for a little variety:

-Bonham's Private View of Modern and Contemporary Middle Eastern Art at JAAM Gallery, Street 8, Warehouse 11, Al Quoz 1, Dubai

-Barcelona's Urban Street Art Exhibition, UNSANCTIONED ART at the Mine Gallery, Street 9, Warehouse 38, Al Quoz 1, Dubai

Happy exploring and don't forget to take along these tips and pointers when browsing through this season's new exhibitions!

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