Buro 24/7 Interview: Amanda Seyfried

Buro 24/7 Interview: Amanda Seyfried

Ahead of the release of 'A Million Ways To Die In The West'

Site: Interview by Will King for Buro 24/7

The Hollywood star talks to Buro 24/7 correspondent Will King, sharing her fears and achievements – as well as some interesting hobbies

A decade after the release Mean Girls – where she played a supporting role alongside Lindsay Lohan's lead, Amanda Seyfried is a massive, worldwide star that has by far eclipsed 'LiLo'. 

This year, she returns to her comedic roots with the title, A Million Ways To Die In The West. It's a laugh-out-loud comedy Western directed and co-written by showbiz jack-of-all-trades Seth MacFarlane (who also stars as Albert, a cowardly sheep farmer trying to win back his lost love – played by Seyfried). It's currently scheduled for worldwide release, and before we watch it on screen, Buro 24/7 finds out more.

Congratulations on the film, what do you like about working with Seth and his sense of humour?

He is intelligent, but sharp and provocative. I really believe that if you do not like Seth, you simply do not like funny people, and that would be a real problem in society. He has an opinion about every current event, and when he jokes about things such as racism or sexism, it does not mean that he shares the values; he's mocking its stupidity.

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Tell us about the role you are going to play in Ted 2?
I actually do not know! I haven't seen the whole script. Although we have the first reading assigned in a month. 

How did it come about that you would replace Mila Kunis? 
She is pregnant. I think that is the main reason why – she has better things to do now.

And you so agreed to replace another actress, without even reading the script? 
I am friends with Seth in real life, and I've joked how it was unfair to give the role of the lead girl to Mila in the past. When Seth invited me to lead, I thought he was kidding me. I do not even know how he plans to treat my character in the the overall story... I am sure he'll think of something.

When Seth invited me to lead, I thought he was kidding me


We heard that you have a strange hobby – collecting taxidermy, is that true? 
Yes, with my sister. I go to flea markets, looking for interesting pieces, and when I decide to buy something, I send her photos for approval.

Do you love animals? 
Yes, we believe that the animals died of natural causes, and weren't killed for the sake of art.

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How do you know?

Hopefully by the people selling it to me if you can't trust taxidermy traders these days, who can you trust?

What are your favourite pieces? 
A horse and a pair of chipmunks.

Where do you keep the stuffed horse? 
At my home in Los Angeles. Don't make those eyes at me, it's a dwarf horse, the size of a large dog. And she lacks one ear. My sister and I love to play around. There was a period when we used to hide Anton to surprise each other.

You even gave a name to the dead horse? 
We had to call it something. Once I planted him in my sister's in bed, it really scared her.

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Sounds like something from The Godfather. I also heard that you are into the weather?
As a child I was sure that I would be a meteorologist.

What happened? 
My parents had the temerity to send me to acting school! (Laughs.)  But I'm still fond of documentary programs about the weather. 

What else interests you? 
I love painting. And I like to do many things at once. For example, drawing and listening to audiobooks. It started with psychotherapy, now it's a habit.

Does it help you to deal with stress? 
Creative people need to splash their emotions around. If you do not play for a long time, draw. If you cannot not draw – then write. If you don't like that, do sports.

Are you afraid of old age? 
Of course. It means you are close to death. How you not care? Sometimes these thoughts just suck all the energy out of me.  I worry too much about the health of my family, especially the older generation, although I should enjoy and appreciate the time that we have, here and now. 

I worry too much about the health of my family


What are the disadvantages to your work? 
I hate that people take pictures of me on their phones just because I go to the store. But I'm used to it. I suppose that the dudes that take pictures in the supermarket or are sitting on duty in the bushes outside my house are, in a sense, an indicator of success. 

And how do you deal with irritating fans? 
(Stares at the floor.) There is no such thing.

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