10 things you don't know about Kanye West

10 things you don't know about Kanye West

Happy Birthday Yeezy!

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As Kanye West turns 37, Buro 24/7 Middle East shares with you ten facts about one of the music world's biggest stars

Kanye Omari West was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on June 8, 1977. Today, celebrating his 37th birthday, West has gone from leaving college to pursue his musical career to having his first child and getting married to Kim Kardashian.

Buro 24/7 Middle East unveils some interesting facts you may not have known about the musical genius...

10 things to know about Kanye West

He lived in China

West and his late mother, Donda, lived in China for a year where she taught at Nanjing University as part of an exchange programme. When West lived there during fifth grade, his mother said that he made the kids in China give him sheep skewers in exchange for watching him breakdance.

10 things to know about Kanye West

His first beat bought him some luxury goods

West (who made his first beat in seventh grade) used the $8,800 he made from selling it to local Chicago rapper, Gravity, to buy a Jesus Piece and Ralph Lauren polos. However, a year later, he sold the chain to No I.D. to help finance his move to New York City. 

10 things to know about Kanye West

He was accused of theft

West was arrested and accused of stealing printers from office supply store, OfficeMax, in 2000. The charges against Kanye were later dropped when it was determined that it was a case of mistaken identity.  

10 things to know about Kanye West

He spent his own cash for Through The Wire

For West's very first music video — Through The Wire — he spent $35,000 of his own money. The musical clip also got him 'Video of the Year' at the 2004 Source Hip Hop Awards. 

Michael Jackson was a fan of his style  

The late legendary musician, Michael Jackson, called West to ask about the jacket he wore in music video for Stronger — a track which took 50 mixes and eight engineers to complete. 

10 things to know about Kanye West

He thought his first album was insufficient

He thought The College Dropout "fell short of the actual Fiona Apple or Portishead sound" he was going for. Kanye even told that "the only albums that I listened to were yours, System of a Down and Fiona Apple."

10 things to know about Kanye West

He hides his memorabilia

For the amount of awards West has won during his successful career, the artist claims that he doesn't keep his Grammys or any other awards in his house. 

He studies his competition

After Late Registration dropped in 2005, West said: "I TiVo rap videos so I can study them. To learn what steps to take to crush them all."

10 things to know about Kanye West

Drake made an impact on him

The Toronto artist who's had a musical influence on The Weeknd's life also effected West's, he stated that Drake was the first artist who actually scared him and put pressure on him in the music industry. 

He wants everyones advice when it came to his music

Singer and rapper, Q-Tip, said Kanye would even ask people who delivered food for their opinion on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

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