Pierre Bergé approves of the new 'Yves Saint Laurent' biopic

Pierre Bergé approves of the new 'Yves Saint Laurent' biopic

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The former partner and co-founder of Yves Saint Laurent, Pierre Bergé gives his approval of the new film

January 8 saw the premiere of one of two projects focusing on the life of French fashion icon Yves Saint Laurent.

Director Jalil Lespert released his film 'Yves Saint Laurent' this week earlier than his Italian peer, Bertrand Bonello. Bonello's film, 'Saint Laurent' deals with the events of Yves Saint Laurent's life and career between 1960-1970. Lespert however took an emotional approach looking at the relationship between Yves Saint Laurent played by Pierre Niney and Pierre Bergé, played by Guillaume Gallienne. 

Bergé told WWD before the film's release "I am blown away by Pierre Niney's performance,". "It really disconcerted me, it even upset me, because it's very difficult. At times, I thought it was Yves Saint Laurent himself. That's huge." 

Yves Saint Laurent Movie

                             Stills from Jalil Lespert's 'Yves Saint Laurent' (2014)

Yves Saint Laurent Movie

             Charlotte Le Bon in a scene from the movie 'Yves Saint Laurent'

Yves Saint Laurent Movie

Long before the projects were announced, Pierre Bergé said Lespert was the more favourable director. What can be said about the work of Bonello, was not as approving. The latter feature 'Saint Laurent' was not so warmly recieved and Bergé  has emphatically distanced himself from the project, which is scheduled to be shown at the Cannes Film Festival in May. Undoubtly comparisons will be made but both films will offer insight into the remarkable life and immeasurable contribution that Yves Saint Laurent had on the world of fashion.

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