Watch now: Wes Anderson, 'Centered'

Watch now: Wes Anderson, 'Centered'

A fascinating film exploring the director's signature style

Image: Vimeo
Image: Art Nau

The symmetry used in the director's films is illustrated quite simply – by placing a dotted line down the middle of the frame

Maverick filmaker Wes Anderson is more than just a celebrated director — as his fans will testify. His work ignites a personal connection with film, and they feel they belong in them; Anderson's very own cinematic universe with its own rules and language, and now the notion is more true than ever.

Aside from the costumes and intensely styled art direction, a new video called Wes Anderson Centered shows a specific trick of the creative director's cinematic language – absolutely centered shots. Whether in action movies, The Grand Budapest Hotel or the animated Fantastic Mr. Fox, Anderson again and again composes the screen with perfect symmetry — a highly unusual choice, but something that  gives his movies a distinct identity.

Watch the film below, now:

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