The Mummy's new trailer puts the spotlight on the MENA region

Starring Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella

Text: Faizal Dahlawia

Video: YouTube

From Cairo to London, the second instalment of The Mummy trailer sees an Egyptian Queen (French-Algerian actress Sofia Boutella) traverse the globe to reclaim her rule. It's a must-watch...

Universal Pictures has just dropped the second trailer for its reboot of The Mummy and it's as dramatic as it is powerful. While the first focused on Tom Cruise's character Nick Morton, the new clip offers an insight into the backstory of the titular villain, also known as Queen Ahmanet, played by French-Algerian actress Sofia Boutella. Cursed and banished for her insatiable appetite for power, the ancient Egyptian queen was unwittingly resurrected by Morton and now wants to claim the world.

Directed by Alex Kurtzman, the movie which was filmed in Namibia and England also stars Russell Crowe and Annabelle Wallis and is scheduled for release on June 9. Also, watch the new trailer for the Gal Gadot-starred Wonder Woman.