Must-watch: The first Captain America Civil War trailer

Scarlett Johansson, Elizabeth Olsen, Jeremy Renner

Editor: Faizal Dahlawia

It may still be five months before it hits cinemas but the new Captain America: Civil War trailer is here

The first Captain America: Civil War trailer has been released and it looks set to be a blockbuster. Following on from the previous movie Captain America: Winter Soldier, the trailer shows the star-spangled Avenger (Chris Evans) reconnecting with his old mate Bucky aka Winter Soldier.

What we know from the trailer is that there's a new government watchdog on the prowl trying to keep a lid on the unsupervised actions of Captain America and his crew which include Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson), War Machine (Don Cheadle), Scarlett Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) and Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner). It all ends with the protagonist in a battle with Ironman, his comrade and fellow Avenger.

Captain America: Civil War will be released in cinemas May 6, 2016.