Watch now: The Lonely Island x Pharrell 'Hugs'

Watch now: The Lonely Island x Pharrell 'Hugs'

Hug them and leave 'em...

Video: YouTube

Pharrell teams up with comedian Andy Samberg and the Lonely Island comedy team to feature in a humorous 'ode to hugs'...

Comedian and Brooklyn Nine-Nine Andy Samberg hosted the season finale of Saturday Night Live this week, after being a cast member for seven years.

Samberg's episode opened up with a monologue in which he tried to top Bill Hader as the sketch show's best-ever impressionist, and enlisted help from surprise guests to SNL Seth Meyers and Martin Short.

The star also teamed up with his music group the Lonely Island, as well as Pharrell Williams and Orphan Black's Tatiana Maslany for an "ode to hugs in a 'Digital Short'"...

Watch the tongue-in-cheek clip below, now.