Watch now: Jimmy Fallon's 'House of Cards' parody

Watch now: Jimmy Fallon's 'House of Cards' parody

A highly accurate spoof, with a twist ending

Video: Youtube
Video: You tube

Comical genius Jimmy Fallon strikes again, after already creating parodies of 'Breaking Bad' and 'Downton Abbey', Fallon has crafted a new spoof of 'House of Cards'

Channeling Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) by putting on his best southern accent, a wig and speaking slyly into the camera, Jimmy Fallon has created the ultimate spoof on the political Netflix programme, which Fallon re-titled  House of Cue Cards.

The short clip also features Ellen Barkin as a perfect copy of Claire Underwood, as well as an extended reference to Freddy's Barbecue. The ending however is the best part, as Jay Leno makes a surprise appearance for a shocking twist ending.

Watch the hilarious House of Cue Cards below now:

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