UN debut documentary, We Are Here

UN debut documentary, We Are Here

An eye on Arab conflict

Text: Shannon Wylie Faizal Dahlawia

A new awareness initiative by the UN aims to inspire the outstanding females in the region. Buro 24/7 Middle East has the details...

UN Women have launched a new awareness campaign titled We Are Here. Designed as a platform to put the spotlight on female activists within the region, the campaign features six documentaries focusing on the five conflict-ridden countries of the Arab States Region: Iraq, Libya, Palestine, Syria and Yemen. The aim is to inspire other women to follow the examples of leading female activists and motivate them to seek positive change.

"Women are the first target of violent extremists to change societies, and they must be our first target as well, not only as beneficiaries of humanitarian assistance, but also as decision makers who are capable of standing up to radicalism and ensure inclusiveness and tolerance in post-conflict communities," said Mohammad Naciri, UN Women's Regional Director for the Arab States Region. 

UN Women Queen Rania

"A free woman is the basis of democracy as women are the basis of life and freedom," said Majdoleen Hassan, a Syrian activist and a member of the Syrian Women's Initiative for Peace and Democracy – a diverse network of Syrian women peace activists and civil society members supported by UN Women. "Peace does not grow without women. Women are the ones who push the most for peaceful resolutions as they are the ones with the greatest interest in achieving it and as they lose the most in wars."

The UN Women We Are Here campaign will be promoted through the organisation's social media channels as well as through their media and non-governmental partners.

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