'Star Wars' prepares for filming in Abu Dhabi this week

'Star Wars' prepares for filming in Abu Dhabi this week

The UAE's glistening desert landscape sets the scene

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Things seem to heating up, as shooting in the Abu Dhabi desert for the new Star Wars film is expected to start tomorrow until the end of the month

Rumours are put to rest this week, as the seventh installment of the Star Wars movie franchise will start shooting Star Wars: Episode VII in the Abu Dhabi desert on Tuesday.

Sources close to the film set have reported that the police and army will be checking all vehicles in the area, making sure no curious day-trippers attempt at getting a peek of the magical new scene created on the UAE's sand dunes.

Other sources have claimed that a variety of unique sets are getting closer to completion. A "whole world" is said to have been built on a salt lake at one location, a "shuttle-like" spacecraft, a large tower, a "big, centuries-old-looking market" and 10 to 15 "really fast buggies" powered by jet engines.

With some of the crew already in Abu Dhabi, the main shoot expected to last until until the end of the month (depending on the weather, such as sandstorms which can delay shooting). Disney's chairman Alan Horn's recent remarks that, "We did some second-unit work in Abu Dhabi." However it actually looks as if the Emirate is set to play a major role in the new film.

Star Wars: Episode VII, which is rumoured to have the working title 'The Ancient Fear', will star famous actors  old and new  with the lead trio from the original Star Wars trilogy, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hammill acting alongside newcomers like Adam Driver and Max von Sydow. The film is due out in cinemas in December 2015.

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