The Simpsons to air Lego episode this May

The Simpsons to air Lego episode this May

To be part of the show's 25th season

Image: HUH Magazine

American animated sitcom, 'The Simpsons', is set to air a Lego episode after the recent global success of 'The Lego Movie'

On May 4, Fox will broadcast the 550th episode of The Simpsons entitled 'Brick Like Me', as the famous yellow cartoon family get made from of Lego blocks for the special screening.

The plot for the half-hour episode consists of Homer Simpson waking up and realising that his entire family is made from Lego, as well as the entire town of Springfield. Luckless Homer must then find a way out of his new Lego universe, before he gets trapped in it forever.

"We are thrilled to collaborate with Fox," Jill Wilfert from The Lego Group said, adding, "We are excited that The Simpsons will be created in Lego form."

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Other episodes that mark the show's 25th season include a collaboration with Matt Groening's other animated series, Futurama, and a Halloween special directed by the dark fantasy film-maker Guillermo del Toro.

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