Sean Penn puts post-earthquake Haiti documentary on Netflix

Sean Penn puts post-earthquake Haiti documentary on Netflix

'Haiti Untold'

Two years ago at the Cannes Film Festival, Sean Penn and his J/P HRO (which does ongoing humanitarian work in Haiti) debuted the actor’s touching film on the aftermath of the Caribbean country’s 2010 earthquake – with the film now making its way to your living room

Since the devastating natural disaster, Oscar-winner Sean Penn has been continuously vocal in his support for the relief effort in Haiti, something that he made clear in a feature documentary titled Haiti Untold. The film looks at the attempts to rebuild the island nation after the 7.0 Mw earthquake that affected around three million people. 

In addition to Penn, Joey Adler, CEO of Canadian NGO OnexOne Foundation, fashion designer Donna Karan and former NHL star George Laraque, also feature in Haiti Untold – which has now made its way from the big screen to the little screen on Netflix. 

"Though the earthquake happened now more than three years ago, the film brings much needed positive attention to a country still very much re-building... It is quite stark the contrast between the way the country in all its challenges is portrayed in the mainstream media and what you see on the ground," said Dan Shannon, who co-directed Haiti Untold with Isabelle DePelteau.

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