Piers Morgan’s talk show coming to an end

Piers Morgan’s talk show coming to an end

Disappointing ratings

Image: NY Mag
Image: The Times

Admitting that the U.S. are getting “tired of him”, Piers Morgan’s talk show is discontinuing

Journalist and keen Twitter user Piers Morgan joined CNN over three years ago to take control from popular host Larry King, but has struggled with audience ratings for his show Piers Morgan Live, which have fallen from an initial welcome figure of around two million to 270,000.

Speaking to The New York Times, Morgan revealed that he was discussing a new role at CNN with its president Jeff Zucker. Morgan also revealed how he thinks he has alienated viewers with his brash British approach.

Thousands of people have signed a petition calling for Morgan to be deported, following his outspoken favourable stance towards gun control in America. Alex Jones, one of the organisers of the petition, featured in Morgan's show that resulted in a row, warning him: ''Don't try what your ancestors did before.''

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