Must-watch: The BFG releases a new giant trailer

"Where am I?"

Text: Faizal Dahlawia

Image: YouTube

Explore giant country in the big screen adaptation of a much-loved children's tale. Buro 24/7 Middle East has a sneak peek...

Disney has released the second trailer for its upcoming fantasy movie The BFG. Adapted from the Roald Dahl book of the same name, the movie is directed by Steven Spielberg, which sees a little girl named Sophie discover a whole new world as she befriends a big friendly giant.

While the first The BFG trailer teased about the witching hour and the mysteries it brings, the new trailer shows the orphan girl being taken to giant country where things are expectedly much larger. When she asks why she was chosen, he replies "Because I hear your lonely heart". Nevertheless, something more sinister awaits when a gang of giants, much larger than the one that took Sophie, finds out that a little human is in their midst.

BFG opens in cinemas July 1, 2016.