Must-see:'s Balenciaga short film

Must-see:'s Balenciaga short film

Welcome to an alternate universe

Text: Shannon Wylie

In a world where handbags are de rigueur and running late is the fashion Balenciaga and's comical clip makes a stellar statement

Ironic? Yes. Ingenious? Absolutely. In a new short film titled 'Une Incroyable Excuse', which was released this week, three Balenciaga-clad beauties discover an alternate universe at the bottom of a bag.

"The idea of this industry being fun is something I feel strongly about, and that was the starting point behind the choice of director, Mr. Danny Sangra, for this cinematic project," explained Justin O’Shea, Mytheresa's Buying Director.

The ironic two-minute film, which is set in a chic cafe is the ultimate look at why fashion is fun but not frivolous. "Set in one of Paris' most renowned culinary haunts, Caviar Kaspia, and contrasted with the refined, strict elegance of Balenciaga’s fall 2015 collection, the film highlights how fashion can be humorous without losing its glamorous edge," he continued, and we have the video right here...