It is arguable that Martin Scorsese is one of four directors responsible for creating the aesthetics of contemporary American cinema (the others being Woody Allen, Francis Ford Coppola, Steven Spielberg). And although almost every aspect of his work is documented and accesible to fans in various formats, some fragments of the director's biography still remain a mystery. 

Few people know that in 1990, Scorsese made a 20-minute documentary film Made in Milan, dedicated to the designer Giorgio Armani, written by Jay Cocks (also Scorsese's colleaguge on the sets of Gangs of New York, The Age of Innocence and Strange Days). The archived film details the values ​​of the fashion house, the history behind the brand and the philosophy of Armani. 

Despite the film's prior anonymity, the designer/director partnership is well known. Armani actively support and fund Scorsese's World Cinema Foundation, working together to also promote the films The Departed and Shutter Island. So it's safe to say that Leonardo Di Caprio is an Armani fan, too.