It's official: Friends is not getting a reboot

It's official: Friends is not getting a reboot

Confirmed by the co-creator

Text: Maddison Glendinning

Image: NBC

Heads up: If you were hoping for a Friends reboot, you're going to be sorely disappointed with this news...

We're in the season of reboots: Buffy The Vampire Slayer, 90210, Charlie's Angels, The Hills, Legally Blonde and Clueless are just *some* of the classics being given a 2019 makeover. However, one of the most iconic shows of all time will not be joining the ranks according to its co-creator. 

Marta Kauffman, the co-creator of Friends, has confirmed the show will never be the subject of a reboot. Talking to Rolling Stone, Kauffman explained why it wouldn't work saying, "One, the show is about a time in your life when your friends are your family. It's not that time anymore. All we'd be doing is putting those six actors back together, but the heart of the show would be gone. Two, I don't know what good it does us. The show is going just fine, people love it. [A reunion] could only disappoint. "The One Where Everyone's Disappointed"."

Matt LeBlanc has previously echoed a similar sentiment telling Weekend Magazine, "I don't want to do it – simple. People want to know what happened to them. But it was a finite period in a person's life after college, before you settle down and start a family. To go back and revisit all these years later, well I don't know what the story would be now. They would all have moved on from that period so it just wouldn't be the same." 

Given the difficulty of successfully rebooting a much-loved classic, we're happy to continue our Netflix binges with the OG. 

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