HBO to launch 'Shutter Island' TV series

HBO to launch 'Shutter Island' TV series


As Martin Scorsese's HBO series 'Boardwalk Empire' prepares to come to a close, the network has announced that it is planning a 'Shutter Island' TV series

The working title for the series is 'Ashecliffe' and the first script has been written by Dennis Lehane, whose novel inspired the original 2010 Scorsese film. Lehane also wrote 'Mystic River' and 'Gone Baby Gone' – which were all also adapted into films. The rumours suggest that the plot for the TV series will be based around events prior to the film and explore the dark past of the hospital and its evil founders who brutally mistreated the mentally ill.  

It is said that Scorsese himself may direct the pilot episode. No further details are available at present so stay tuned for more information.

HBO to launch 'Shutter Island' TV series (фото 1)

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